Monday, 28 February 2011

Looking Back : February 2011

This February, I read twelve books:
1. Don Quioxte By Miguel de Cervantes
2. The Iron Witch By Karen Mahoney
3. Rules Of Attraction By Simone Elkeles
4. Numbers By Rachel Ward
5. The Master And Margarita By Mikhail Bulgakov
6. The High Lord By Trudi Canavan
7. Murder On The Orient Express By Agatha Christie
8. Anna And The French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins
9. The Knife Of Never Letting Go By Patrick Ness
10. Robinson Crusoe By Daniel Defoe
11. Paranormalcy By Kiersten White
12. Jasper Jones By Craig Silvey

My absolute favourite of the month was Anna and the French Kiss. I loved it! My other favourites were The High Lord, which was a brilliant end to The Black Magicians Trilogy, and Jasper Jones which was an unexpectedley great read. I've had it on my shelf for ages and I'm so glad I've finally picked it up.
I've also managed to stay true to my month long book buying ban. It's been hard because there are so many great sounding books out there that I have discovered but I thought it would be better to read some of the books I already have. I might even make it an extra month long depending on how much will power I have because there are some really fascinating books coming out in March. Although, I have had some satisfaction out of reading some of the books that I have been meaning to read for a while and it's also satisfying to enjoy what you already have.
Finally I've really been enjoying two blogs this month. The first is Fluttering Butterflies, who has been doing a Love Month (like you don't know!) which has been fantastic to read. There has been all sorts of different posts, from looking at romantic couple in history and YA to awesome reviews. Secondly is Musings Of A Bookshop Girl who is situated in the UK and does posts on books that others don't usually do, which I love. She also does posts on other book related things like TV shows and films and thanks to her I managed to catch the interesting four part documentary Faulks On Fiction on the BBC. It was an excellent insight into the various hero's, lovers, snobs and villians in British literature and it introduced me to many books that I now want to read. I may have to rethink this whole book buying ban malarkey :)
If you would like me to do a review on any of the books I have read just add a comment!
(I don't know how to add links, but if you would like to check either of the two blogs, I am following them so you can find them there).


Clover said...

Oh, thank you for the mention :) So many wonderful books you've read this month! Anna and the French Kiss and The Knife of Never Letting Go are for sure on my list of favourites! And definitely the books in Trudi Canavan's series, I heart her.

The Library Owl said...

No worries, I really did enjoy your blog last month!