Sunday, 23 October 2011

In My Mailbox (34)

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I got four books this week:
1. The Night Circus by Eric Morgenstern
2. The Woman In Black by Susan Hill
3. The Language Of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
4. The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender
I've been walking past The Night Circus for weeks now and every time I do I pick it up but then put it back down again. I eventually caved though and realised I just had to let by curiosity takes its course. I've heard great things about it! I also picked up The Woman In Black this week; mainly becasue of the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe film based on the book which looks awesome and creepy. I've also decided that this is the book I'm going to read for Halloween this year. The Language of Flowers and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake are books I've been drawn to for weeks as well and I finally picked them up. Not only that but one of my favourite youtubers (CuriosityRocks) gave great reviews on them :) What di you get this week?


Ailsa said...

Ooh, the Night Circus looks great! Hope you enjoy it, I'll look forward to seeing your thoughts on it.

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Kristina said...

I love that cover for The Night Circus! I hope that you enjoy your new books!

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The Library Owl said...

@Alisa - I love the cover to The Night Circus and underneath is just as pretty with a huge closk design on the book! I'll try and read it and get a review up soon :)

@Kristina - Me too!It's so pretty and I've heard it actually relates to the book with lots of symbolism. Thanks :)

SusanKMann said...

Great books. The Night circus sounds amazing x

LibrarySnake said...

The Night Circus looks so awesome!

Here's mine:

Giselle said...

I've heard great reviews on the Night Circus I just got it last week too.

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Lea said...

Oooh I really want to read The Night Circus! Hope you enjoy everything that you got in this week! :)

You can see my IMM post at the link below!

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whispering words said...

A friend was telling me about 'the particualr sadness of lemoncake' and it sounds a great book. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Emily @ Books and Threads said...

I've heard such good things about Language of Flowers! And of course The Night Circus. I can't wait to finally read that one.

My IMM is over here if you'd like to stop by! Happy reading!

Alison Can Read said...

Great set! I love that cover of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I can't wait to read Night Circus.

JJ iReads said...

The Night Circus is very good. I hope you enjoy it.

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Christy @TheReaderBee said...

I have heard so many good things about The Night Circus! I hope you enjoy all your awesome new reads!


I've read a lot about the Night Circus and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake but I have not heard of the other two. I haven't seen movie trailers for Woman in Black. Maybe I'm not watching the right stations. But I'm sufficiently intrigued by the titles of The Woman in Black and The Language of Flowers to look them up! Thanks for some potential new reads! Just what I need, more books! LOL


The Library Owl said...
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The Library Owl said...
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The Library Owl said...

A lot of you seem to have enjoyed The Night Circus or think it looks like a great read which makes me even more excited to read it :)

@Buried in books - you should definitely look into the Woman In Black trailer. It looks awesome! You can never have too many books :P

@Alison - I love the cover too. The bright blue and yellows make it stand out and make me want to eat a lemon meringue pie :)

The Library Owl said...
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The Library Owl said...

Oops! I posted the same comment way to many times. I must remember patience is a virtue and not to continually press the post comment key if it doen't appear to be working :)

Clover said...

I'm really curious about Night Circus! I hope you love all your books this week :)